All faculty and staff at Little Ones have training in child development, are Montessori certified, and hold college degrees. Our teachers are experienced, highly qualified, and genuinely dedicated. 

All staff members are required to be cleared through the State Central Clearance, fingerprinting and an SEL clearance. Also, we receive thirty hours of training within every two years in regards to Nutrition & Health Needs of Children, Child Day Care Program Development, Safety & Security Procedures, and many more! All staff members are First Aid Certified as well as CPR Certified. Our Child Care Facilities are also qualified to administer all types of medication (MAT Certified). Visit the NYS MAT Certification website for more information. 

Mary-Ellen Hoddard, Kindergarten teacher at Little Ones Montessori in Schenectady, New York


Head Teacher, Sunflower Kindergarten Classroom

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Co-Head Teacher, Buttercup Children's House

Colleen has been working in a Montessori classroom for over 18 years. She started out as a Lower Elementary Level Assistant teacher in a Montessori school her daughter attended. She then transferred to a Korean Montessori school in Ohio. After working there, she moved to New York, where she quickly advanced into a Head Teacher position in a Children's House classroom. Colleen has an International Montessori Teaching Diploma from the North American Montessori Center (NAMC).

In her free time, Colleen loves quality time with her daughter, Rowan. She is a doer and maker of all things, especially in regards to sewing, book collecting, and gardening. She is also a member of the Schenectady Herb Society.



Co-Head Teacher, Buttercup Children's House

Stephanie has a BS in Education K-9 with minors in English and Social Studies. She has an International Montessori Teaching Diploma from the North American Montessori Center (NAMC) and also has a Montessori Assistant Certificate from Rising Stars Montessori. Stephanie has been in a classroom setting every year since the age of 5 -- either as a student, substitute, public school teacher, or as a volunteer. She has been teaching Montessori for the past 9 years with her Co-Head Teacher, Colleen.

In her free time, Stephanie loves to spend quality time with her family: traveling, going for walks/hikes, camping, going to the movies, cooking and playing games.



Head Teacher, Snapdragon Children's House

Callen has BAs in English and U.S. History from SUNY Albany. He actually had no idea he was on a path that would lead him to working in Early Childhood education. Like countless families and teachers who have come before Callen, he just kind of wandered into Montessori, not knowing it was what he was looking for. In his case, it started as an aftercare worker at Woodland Hill Montessori— everything grew from there.


Callen received his Early Childhood Credential from the Northeast Montessori Institute— located on the North Shore, Mass— four years ago. In his first year as a head teacher, he was lucky enough to start working with Christine Sell, whom he continues to work with today. Both have been so happy to join the Little Ones community, and to have the opportunity to open the new Snapdragon classroom. 


In his free time, Callen likes to play guitar (with headphones on so that his neighbors do not have to enjoy it, too). He likes going to the Schenectady Farmers' Market, finding dusty record stores to visit, and going out to eat with his fellow teachers.



Head Teacher, Daisy Toddler Room

Amy's Montessori journey began over 18 years ago when she enrolled her daughter in a wonderful Montessori preschool, much like Little Ones. The teachers she met there were an inspiration to her. Their kindness, sensitivity, patience, and deep respect for children inspired her parenting and ultimately led her on a path to becoming a Montessori teacher. 

She has been teaching for over 13 years in both Toddler and Children's House classrooms. She received her Toddler training at Princeton Center for Teacher Education, and her AMS Early Childhood Certification from Northeast Montessori Institute. She has a BA from Gettysburg College.



Co-Head Teacher, Lily Toddler Room

Rose spent 19 years as a K-4 public school teacher in Gatchalian Elementary School in Las Pinas, Philippines, concentrating on English and Science. She also spent 3 years as a teacher in the Montessori-inspired Catholic Head Start program in the Philippines. She has an International Montessori Teaching Diploma from the North American Montessori Center (NAMC).

Rose used the Montessori style of learning with her two children, who are grown up now.

  • 2010 Started at Little Ones Daycare

  • 2017 Montessori Assistant in Children's House, Little Ones Montessori

  • 2018 Montessori Assistant, Toddlers

  • 2019-present Infants/Toddler Montessori Head Teacher

Rose loves to craft, DIY, and sing karaoke in her spare time!



Co-Head Teacher, Lily Toddler Room

Bethany La Flamme grew up in Schenectady, leaving to study classical ballet and modern dance at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  She fell in love with early childhood education while working at Saint Mary’s Nursery School, a Reggio Emilia-inspired, non-denominational preschool in Philadelphia, eventually switching her focus and graduating from The College of Education at Temple University with a degree in Human Development and Community Engagement.  She has been a Montessori Assistant Toddler Teacher for three years at Little Ones and has recently begun her Infant-Toddler Montessori Certification Training with the North American Montessori Center.


Bethany lives in the Stockade with two cats, one human, and eight very determined house plants.  She loves making lists, dancing around to David Bowie, and (in a semi-strategic, non-hoarding kind of way) collecting old objects.  



Co-Head Teacher, Orchid Nursery Room

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Co-Head Teacher, Orchid Nursery Room

Bio coming soon!